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Before messaging us, please go through the Frequently-Asked-Questions to understand adnexio more.


1. How do I join adnexio?

You need to get a permission from your company to create an account with us. Ideally, your company’s adnexio account should be managed by an authorised recruiter.

2. Do I have to pay to create an account?

No. It is free of charge.

1. Do I have to pay to advertise?

No. It is free of charge.

2. Do I have a limit on how many job vacancies I can advertise?

No. There is no limit, and you can advertise as many as you want.

3. How long will you put each job vacancy on your system? Do you have a validity period for each job vacancy advertised?

We don't specify the time limit for each job vacancy advertised on adnexio. It is free, and it can be there for as long as you want it. You have the option to archive a job vacancy that you previously advertised. Once archived, NEX will stop matching candidates to the vacancy.

1. I still don’t understand how the system works. Can you explain what happens when I advertise a vacancy?

adnexio is developed as an artificial intelligence career platform. An online machine recruiter, which we call NEX, carries out the recruitment tasks. When an employer advertises a vacancy, it will list down the job requirements that include education background expected, work experience, salary expectation, skills required, the certification that is needed, and so on. NEX will digest the requirements listed by the employer and go through its database to see candidates that best matched each of the requirements. NEX will suggest between three to seven top candidates who matched the requirements to the employer. The employer can see the online video interviews and the scores of the referred top candidates.

2. What if I like a candidate and want to interview him/her further?

If an employer wants to interview further a candidate referred by NEX, he/she can pay a referral fee (either RM10, RM30 or RM100, depending on the type of referrals) to access the candidate’s particulars, e.g. name, contact details etc. adnexio will connect the employer and shortlisted candidates to arrange for further interviews.

3. What if I am satisfied with the screening process done by NEX and want to offer a candidate a job straight away? Can I do that?

Yes, you can. The same standard referral fee (either RM10, RM30 or RM100, depending on the type of referrals) is applicable for an employer to access a candidate’s particulars, irrespective of the purpose for contacting the candidate (whether to arrange for a further interview or to offer a job straight away).

4. But I thought everything is free?

Advertising job vacancies on adnexio are free. NEX carries out the bulk of the screening work to ensure only the best-fit candidates are referred to employers. We believe the pre-screening done by NEX would have cut the recruitment process by 80%, allowing employers to focus on onboarding good talents to harness their potentials. The referral fee (either RM10, RM30 or RM100, depending on the type of referrals) is minimal compared to the cost to advertise, screen and select candidates that employers have to pay currently. A market estimate of the total direct and indirect costs to recruit an employee (including human resource personnel, recruitment, advertisement and onboarding) can range between RM3,000 to RM10,000 per successful recruitment (depending on the size of the company).

5. I advertise but did not get any match after a while? Is your system working?

NEX matches your advertised vacancies to the best-fit candidates in our system. However, the candidates matched to your vacancies must opt to apply to the positions, only then NEX will recommend these candidates to you. Although NEX did find matches to a vacancy, matched candidates may not be interested in applying (because of mismatched expectation on salary, job requirements etc.)

1. How do I pay the referral fee?

Employers can pay with a credit card, online transfer and other online payment methods through our online gateway.


1. How do I join adnexio?

You can create an account and go through the online interview.

2. Do I have to pay to create an account?

No. It is free of charge.

Why do you collect IC number?

We are licensed under Private Employment Agencies Act 1981 and our license is only limited to job matching for Malaysian citizens. We require a candidate's IC number because it is a legal requirement that we establish you are a Malaysian citizen.

1. How am I being assessed?

You are rated based on five criteria: your academic standing, the work experience you have had, your leadership traits, your personality and your online interview. NEX has specific algorithms to rate and rank you against the other job seekers.

2. But I am a fresh graduate; surely I don’t have enough work experience to compete with candidates with experience?

NEX knows when you are a fresh graduate and will adjust the rating algorithms to take into account that you do not have much work experience.

3. Out of curiosity, how exactly do you use a machine to interview and rate people? How do I know this is not a scam?

Please read “Who’s NEX” to understand machine learning and artificial intelligence. NEX learns from the big data of candidates and job matches that it accumulates to develop artificial intelligence that mirrors a real-life recruiter.

1. Do I have to do the online assessment each time I apply for a vacancy?

No, you only do it once. NEX keeps your score and searches for a suitable vacancy every day that matches your score.

2. Does that mean my career and education information will be outdated after some time? What if I enrol into a course and complete the course after my online assessment with NEX, how do I reflect that?

You can always log in to your account at adnexio and update your career and education information. NEX will re-compute your score and update it instantly.

3. How do I know I just got an interview offer?

NEX is programmed to send you messages (on your account dashboard and via an email) to inform you that you have been shortlisted for a vacancy by an employer. You will know what the job is and all the relevant information about the job (salary, location etc.). You have to indicate that you are willing to be considered for the job match referred to you. When you indicate your willingness, NEX can inform the employer accordingly. You will get a message with details of the interview arranged with the employer. All messages are system automated.

4. I don't see anywhere on my dashboard informing me of an interview? I checked my email and never received an interview offer either.

If you have not got any job match on your dashboard, it means there is still no suitable vacancy for you. You don't have to worry because NEX goes through vacancies each day to find a match for you. At some point, you will get job matches. Once you get job matches on your dashboard, you should go through the vacancies and decide whether you want to apply. If you indicate your interest, your profile will be pushed to the employer. Once the employer indicates interest in interviewing you, NEX will push a message to your dashboard asking you to pick interview slots.

5. Do you say NEX will help increase my employability?

In the next version of adnexio, NEX will be able to advise you why you are not shortlisted for vacancies and ways to improve your score. Improving your score will increase your employability because NEX goes through your score to match you against available jobs.

6. I already have a job, so should I bother joining adnexio?

NEX goes through each profile and matches it against available vacancies. It does not matter whether you are already in employment or not; once you are on adnexio, NEX will refer you to available vacancies every day. It is up to you whether you want to take up the job interviews referred by NEX. adnexio offers an online headhunting service that is free to job seekers. If your current job does not meet your expectation and NEX refers you to a better job offer, it is in your best interest to consider it.

7. So, now and then I get referred to new employers who are interested in hiring me?

Yes, without having to leave your room. Only one interview and one online assessment to match you with a stream of offers in the future.


If your organisation would like to try adnexio but are unsure how you can benefit, our team can come over to walk you through the demo. Please leave your details, and we will call back to arrange a demo:


If you have any professional queries for us, please do not hesitate to send us a message by filling in your details below:
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