Your All-in-One Talent Ecosystem

Your All-in-One Talent Ecosystem

Empowering Employers & Jobseekers with Data-Driven Objectivity


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Jobs Matched

For Jobseekers

Data-Driven Job Matching

Get matched to the best vacancies based on your qualifications, soft skills, and compatibility with your potential co-workers.

Video Interviewing

Use video interviews to practice your soft skills and leave a lasting first impression.


Multiply your salary by mastering in-demand skills from the comfort of your home.

For Employers

Data-Driven Hiring

Get matched to the best jobseekers based on their skill relevance, career goals, and workplace compatibility.

Data-Driven Upskilling

Automate identification of employee skill gaps and accelerate the rate of upskilling.

Efficient Day-to-Day Management

Automate tedious menial tasks and focus on value-add strategic inputs.

How it Works


Jobseekers get matched to jobs based on their skill and personality fit.


Jobseekers upskill with adnexio bootcamps and enhance their profile score and visibility.

Talent Recruitment

Employers use adnexio to benchmark candidates against existing team members and manage interviews.

Talent Management

Employers use adnexio to manage day-to-day tasks and team member performance.

Why adnexio?

Data-Driven Matches

Our data models factor in jobseeker experience, soft skills, and personality fit. We benchmark against the workforces of employers with vacancies - allowing for a more holistic match.

Personal Scoring & Upskilling

We score your job profile through 5 metrics and recommend skills and certifications that can boost your employability.

Day-to-Day HR

Our system simplifies and consolidates day-to-day HR tasks (leaves, claims, and payroll) with performance management.

Feature Highlights

HR Management System

Performance Centre

Talent Centre

Job Matching

Talent Upskilling


Streamline leave management effortlessly with clear approval chains, comprehensive multilayer approvals, and detailed reports for effective leave utilization and balance control.


Simplify claim processing with ease using clear approval chains, comprehensive multilayer approvals, and detailed reports for effective claim tracking and thorough oversight.


Automate payroll processes with flexible adjustments, custom tax configurations, and easy statutory submissions. Have instant access to insights and reports for informed financial planning.

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