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Muhammad Nur Irfan Norazman

Going from a full-time Grab delivery rider to a full time UI/UX designer was a big change for me, made possible by joining the adnexio UI/UX bootcamp. This bootcamp offered weekly consultations where we could bring up any questions or topics that were confusing us. This was incredibly valuable because it meant we didn't have to struggle to find answers on our own—a process that could potentially take a very long time. Instead, we received answers every week from professionals who are in the industry. The cost of the bootcamp was reasonable for me, especially after doing some research and finding it much cheaper than other bootcamps. The timing of the classes was also convenient, as they were held at night. Overall, my experience with the bootcamp was very positive. It was enjoyable, and I gained a lot of knowledge. Most importantly, it was beginner-friendly, which really helped me improve my skills in UI/UX design.

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Natasha Chin Yin Mei

Highly recommend the adnexio UI/UX Design Bootcamp. I started off with zero design knowledge (my background was in Quantity Surveying consultancy), so it’s safe to say that this bootcamp is completely beginner-friendly. The trainer is a professional in the UI/UX field, and useful tips were shared throughout the bootcamp. Fast forward a year later, I am now working full-time as a UI/UX Designer.

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Muhammad Hafizuddin Badrol Hisham

If you want to change careers to become a software engineer, the SEC Bootcamp from adnexio is the best option for anyone with zero knowledge in software engineering. The trainer is qualified, enthusiastic, and very supportive. It was worth spending my time for 3 months because, by the end of it, I felt confident about becoming a software engineer. I received an offer to intern at INVOKE Solutions Sdn. Bhd. for 4 months after finishing the SEC Bootcamp. The work environment is very fun, and I was able to learn a lot from the other staff. I am now hired as a full-time Software Engineer at INVOKE Solutions Sdn. Bhd.

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Siti Nursakinah Shahriman

I really recommend the bootcamp here, I took the SEC bootcamp! The trainer was super helpful, and they cover all the basics you need as a future software engineer. I got to intern here and learn from real software engineers, and now I'm working here full-time. It's been great!

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Muhammad Hasnuddin Sallahuddin

My experience at adnexio's UI/UX Designer Bootcamp was fantastic! I highly recommend it to anyone looking to enter the field. The bootcamp provided a well-structured curriculum that ensured I learned the essential skills at the right pace. This was further enhanced by having a certified and experienced instructor who wasn't just teaching the course, but actively sharing their industry knowledge and providing valuable guidance. Additionally, the weekly consultation days were a great opportunity to get personalized feedback on my work, helping me solidify my understanding and improve my skills. Overall, adnexio's bootcamp exceeded my expectations and equipped me with the necessary skills and knowledge to pursue a career in UI/UX design.

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Muhammad Irfanshah Hermanshah

adnexioedu's UI/UX bootcamp was insightful, and their internship program is proving invaluable. Under their guidance, I've seamlessly transitioned theory into practice, gaining essential skills and confidence in UI/UX design. Highly recommended for aspiring designers!

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